Diversity in Gaming, Community at its core.

1500+ members across different titles.
From first-person shooters and survival games to the most well known massive-multiplayer games, you’ll always have something to play.
There’s no shortage of GTG members playing around the clock from various parts of the world. We spread learning and growth wherever we go.

Whether you are a seasoned competitive player from team fight tactics, Overwatch and  Counterstrike, or new to video games, Get Through Gaming is your home for growth, camaraderie, and empowerment! Together, or alone, we will foster personal growth, in a nurturing and diverse community that cherishes every member’s unique journey. Join us as we embark on an adventure that celebrates both the joy of gaming and the triumphs of life outside it.


Help us Capture the Island in Antistasi & liberation
Defend the Bulwark, and much more! 

  • Map changes weekly!
  • Different game modes
  • Events
  • Family Friendly

Get Through Gaming War Thunder Squadron 

Our War Thunder Squadron has been active for  3 years! Focusing on Grinding and Squadron battles, we mix it up!  We’re currently recruiting Officers/event organizers!


  • Over 20 of the best zomboid  mods
  • Customized events
  • Survival challenges
  • Survival has never been so difficult

We play many shooter scenario FPS games well. Hosting dedicated servers for them as well!

The road of entertainment in video games is long ,and we intend to follow it every step of the way with you! Lets get there, together. 



Active Communities, Servers and always growing!

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We are a Caribbean based, international E-Community of experienced average Tryhards, content creators, tech enthusiasts seeking to connect, grow, compete and win! We are always seeking to improve individual & collective gameplay with balancing our work/social and gaming time! GTG also hosts servers, events, a place to vent, relax and work together. So sit back and join us as move forward together online !
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